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A special Birthday Gift to Valdivia:
The German Design Award 2024

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Care­ful brand devel­op­ment pays off: this is the second time that Valdivia has received an award from the German Design Coun­cil. After the German Brand Award last year, we were now award­ed with the German Design Award — just in time for the 3rd anniver­sary of the company’s foun­da­tion today.


Setting sail for a strong idea

“Exec­u­tive search with depth” was the motto we set for our consult­ing compa­ny right from the start. Because that’s how we see our work: know­ing the market in depth. To advise our clients and candi­dates inten­sive­ly. And to approach the search for the right person­al­i­ty with empa­thy, but also method­i­cal preci­sion — our struc­tured Valdivia exec­u­tive search process.

Creative on a great journey

We found a brand story for this concept that was as convinc­ing as it was unusu­al: the story of the first German deep-sea expe­di­tion on the steamship Valdivia, led by Carl Chun, an ocea­nol­o­gist from what is now Frankfurt-Höchst.

As a key visu­al, bathy­met­ric maps were graph­i­cal­ly rein­ter­pret­ed and supple­ment­ed by a detailed design tool­box. With the help of the Frank­furt agency new office, a brand image was creat­ed that truly reflects the depth and qual­i­ty stan­dards of our brand in a unique way.

Winner of the German Design Award 2024

The inter­na­tion­al jury of the German Design Coun­cil praised our “high-qual­i­ty design that fulfils the demand for exclu­siv­i­ty and high qual­i­ty to a high degree”.

The real­i­sa­tion of our brand story was partic­u­lar­ly impres­sive, as it “was consis­tent­ly imple­ment­ed as a concept down to the last detail and makes the brand unmistakable.”


(Image source: Rat für Formge­bung; Benjamin Bartels Khan, new office GmbH, Daniel Bauer & Antho­ny Baum­ruk, both Valdivia Consult­ing GmbH, Moritz Gemmerich, new office GmbH)